Dorchester Brewery Yoga

One of the #ktbdayweek activities this year included a yoga class at a local new brewery, Dorchester Brewing Company. I’m very much enjoying all of the local business collaboration we’re seeing more and more often these days, and this event was no exception. Dorchester Brewing is so far doing a great job of integrating and including the community into their new space. A few weeks ago they released a new brew they called Station House 21, a beer here named for the fire station on block away, and the fire fighters all joined for the release party! Every Tuesday, they have a Pups on the Patio event, inviting local dog owners to bring their furriest friends as their dates for the evening. And for the first time, they had a yoga class taught by Mark Taylor.

While the yoga was a little more gentle than I generally enjoy, it was an excellent class overall and Mark uniquely incorporated the beer tasting in the yoga moves. We took a quick break from our positions to grab our tasting glasses before moving back into Warrior II and Reverse Warrior, carefully sipping without spilling as we moved from one to the other. I’d done one brewery yoga class before at Momentum Brewery in Bonita Springs, and excellent as it was, it did not include this unique move!

It looks like Dorchester Brewing is hosting another yoga class next month, and you can bet I’ll be there!