She Geeks Out

When I moved down to Florida without knowing anyone, I spent a few weeks enjoying my alone time and getting settled into work and my new apartment. I soon began to get a little stir crazy, though, and realized I needed to know at least SOME people to talk to and get me out of the house.

I ovaried up (as my man Dan Savage would say) and began attending some of the Naples Young Professionals networking events. It was definitely an out-of-the-comfort-zone activity for me, as making mind-numbing small talk and introducing myself to strangers who seem to already know each other is not necessarily my recipe for the best time ever, but I did it. And whaddaya know, it wasn’t so bad. I made some friends. I must admit I do feel like it may be a little easier to do this in Naples, the land of the Midwestern and Northeastern transplants, than in other cities. It did seem to impress my family and friends back home, though, so I’ll pretend like it was hard and quite an accomplishment.


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The Magic of Harry Potter

Once upon a time, my pizza-loving-man and I tried to plan a spring vacation. We wanted this vacation to be a lengthier international trip, a la our trip to Nicaragua last March. Alas, I had an un-missable (that’s a word, right?) work event smack dab in the middle of the break, so we had to get creative with a variety of local trips. In the end, it was well worth it and AWESOME!


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International Romance

After years spent in my dear US of A, I had the opportunity to satisfy my international travel bug twice in 2015. One of those trips included a lot of new things – my first visit to Nicaragua and to Central America in general, and my first travel adventure with a romantic partner.

Traveling is exhilarating and eye-opening and life-changing and fun. It is also exhausting and uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous, and hard.

I’ve traveled with friends, with acquaintances, and by myself. This time, though, I traveled with a romantic partner, my pizza-loving man.


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