Pop Up Asana at Mill River Winery

This past Sunday I tried TWO new things! I attended my first event with Popup Asana at my very first winery.

I wrangled my sister and mother into joining me on an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning in Rowley, Massachusetts at the Mill River Winery. We joined about 30 other women and one gentleman on the grass overlooking the winery’s grape trees, lay down our yoga mats and towels, and sipped on water as we waited to get started.


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The BEPPO Method: Evaluating Brewery Visits

Beppo final

Partially inspired by Beppo the super monkey whose Kryptonian powers make him secretly the best at evaluating craft breweries, I’ve established the BEPPO method of brewery reviews. This is an easy and fun way to tell others about what worked and what did not in your recent brewery visit!

Beer, Entertainment, People, Place, and Other important things!

Beer – The most important part of a brewery visit is, of course, the beer! What are the options? Are they tasty? How are they served?
Entertainment – I would consider this to be the second-most important part of a brewery visit. What is there to do for fun (other than drinking delicious craft brews)? Are there tabletop games? Yard games? Is there music? Can you take a tour?
People – People are an important part of any visit! Are the staff friendly and welcoming? What is the vibe of the visiting crowd?
Place – Definitely not the most important, but can be a factor in ultimate visit success. Where is the brewery located? Is it easy to get to and are there other fun things around. What is the facility like?
Other – There are always fun unexpected standout items, and we can’t overlook those! Mostly, though: what is the food or snack situation at this brewery? (Beppo the monkey, who partially inspired this method due to his super powers, opposed to the use of F or S at the end of the clever acronym.)

Naples Craft Beer Fest (Round 3)

So this post may be stretching the “trying new things” premise, since I’m writing it after my third time attending the oh-so-wonderful Naples Craft Beer Fest. My sister “tried it” for the first time this year, though, at my insistence, and she in turn insisted that it would be worth writing and reading about, so here goes…


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Scott’s Pizza Tours

Just a few weeks before the end of 2015, I squeezed in one of the deliciously fun nerdy things I’ve done, maybe ever. During a holiday weekend in NYC with the aforementioned pizza-loving-man of mine, we bought tickets to a pizza tour in Greenwich Village. I heard about Scott’s Pizza Tours on the first-ever episode of the “An Even Better You” podcast by Mental Floss (read about my semi-newfound 2015 podcast obsession here), and immediately knew that it was the activity for us.

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