What is life without trying new things? Whether they’re new things that are forced upon us, or new adventures we choose for ourselves, new things are inevitable and eye-opening. This blog documents my efforts within the field of new things – both chosen and not. My hope is that like-minded people will be inspired by my efforts and adventures, and they’ll in turn clue me in on some new things worth trying!


katieheadshotI’m Katy, a twenty-something working in the nonprofit industry. I’m a Boston native who lived in southwest Florida for three years and recently relocated back home. 
Some more about me in order of importance: my curiosity is never sated and I love learning everything about everything; I hate wearing socks; I have a low tolerance for laziness; and I’ll never pass up a good board game.


While you’re here, check out some of my stories from my time spent in Spain (experianciasespanolas.wordpress.com) and Ecuador (offexploring.com/kestack).

About Katy Tries Things

Those who know me know that I am not one to keep my mouth shut – not that I talk too much (I hope) but that if I’m not happy with something, I will speak up. The same works for things I love! I want everyone to know how awesome/fun/interesting/exhilarating said thing was. In the same vein, I like to logically think through things and discuss things I find confusing, and I like to walk people through important conclusions I’ve come to personally.

I realized that was something missing in my life – the exploring of new activities, places, peoples, and ideas, and the following sharing and discussion about all of these. The exploring was still happening, of course, but I missed the blogging I did while living in Ecuador and living in Spain (I will admit, though – I missed the accompanying international adventures, as well).

I have also realized, though, while a part of me is jealous of all the nomadic international backpackers out there and once thought that would be my life, I like the analytical thinking involved in building a business and solving societal problems too much to right now give up a full time job for another alternative. Additionally, it is hard to maintain important relationships and miss out on family celebrations while living the nomadic life abroad, and those are things I have come to value more as I’ve gotten older (for better or for worse).

That doesn’t mean I’ve put aside my dreams of living abroad at some point in the future, but it does mean I’ve been able to recognize and take advantage of the wonderful adventures there are here in our good ol’ U.S. of A! Join me as I try new things and have new adventures, both here and there.